Our Service

We are always committed to provide services to our clients in the best ways.


We offer training & consultations to people, new to Apple or Windows computers? No problem ! We can teach you how to use computers, programs, devices.

Website Design

We like to create unique, clean sites that are easy to use and to navigate. we build and develop websites that look good, easy to manage, and perform well in search engines.

Mobile Solution

More people use mobile devices than PCs to get online. Are you ready for the revolution? Whether you need a mobile web app or a native app – we’ve got you covered.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance services are vital for success of your business. We make sure that your website is updated as you need while keeping the costs at a minimum.

Internet Marketing

xpert knowledge in a range of Internet marketing arenas to help bring our clients to unprecedented levels of success through social media, search engines, and more.


We can recover your lost camera pictures, documents, music and other files from damaged computer, hard drive, camera memory stick at low affordable price. We also can suggest a backup solution for you and teach you how to protect your precious data.


SECURITY PROGRAMS & DIAGNOSTICS; We provide a wide variety of free and commercial protection software like Antivirus, Anti-malware, Firewalls, Anti-spam and also perform rigorous computer diagnostic to locate problems.


WIRELESS & WIRED NETWORKING; When you need to connect multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, printers to see each other or connect them to the internet, we can set up for you wireless or wired networks for homes and businesses.


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